Honours Boards

The New Zealand Institute of Forestry is extremely proud of the members who have ensured forestry remains a industry with the highest professional and ethical standards.

Our Honours Boards include the names of our:

  • Honorary Members
  • NZIF Fellows
  • Kirk Horn Award winners
  • NZIF Forester of the Year winners
  • Honorary Members

    An Honorary Member is elected as an Honorary Member at the NZIF AGM. To be elected they must have been outstanding in service to the NZIF and contributed to, or influenced, the practice of forestry.

    There are currently 12 Honorary Members of the NZIF:

    Mr Anthony Beveridge

    Mr William Cleghorn

    Mr Anthony Grayburn (also an NZIF Fellow)

    Mr John Groome (also an NZIF Fellow)

    Professor Emeritus William Libby

    Mr Peter Smail (also an NZIF Fellow)

    Mr Jim Spiers (also an NZIF Fellow)

    Hon Sir Peter Tapsell

    Dr Alex Sutherland

    Mr Graham Weston

    Professor Thomas White

    Dr Morgan Williams